Spaniel Cancer Survey

Dr Mark Dunning at the University of Nottingham is carrying out a survey on cancer in Spaniels and Otterhounds.

At present the research is open ended. The initial plan is to gather as much information about the cancers that the breeds suffer with. Subsequent to this other projects will be planned.

The survey will provide us with a lot of information and your help with this matter it invaluable. The survey should be completed for each of your dogs that has suffered or is suffering from cancer. We would also like you, if possible, to complete surveys for dogs that have suffered from cancer but are sadly no longer alive. Please complete one survey for each dog you have owned that has suffered from cancer. If you would prefer not to complete this online, the survey is downloadable. It is important to state that this survey is anonymous and any owner and dog details provided to the research team at Nottingham will never be shared with anyone else. This is both a legal requirement and also an important aspect to ensure we have the trust of owners to inform us in as much detail as possible about their dog’s cancer, which we appreciate is emotionally very difficult. This will give us the best chance to understand it.  There is no instant fix but the more information we can gather the better.

The link for the survey is: