Results of the 14 Dog Any Variety Retriever Novice Stake

Held under K.C. Limited Rules and Regulations (J)

On 26th October 2019. The Old Hemplo Shoot, Elkington, Northampton, NN6 6NG

By kind permission of Mr R.Cunnington


1st place       Riverview Farm Finalist Lab                   Handler Kevin Haynes

2nd place      Drumgoose Ice Man Lab                        Handler Phillip Goulden

3rd place      Ragweeds Express Lab                          Handler Kevin Haynes

C.O.M          Greensocks Good Thing Going  IWS      Handler Dagmar Lukas

Guns Choice - Drumgoose Ice Man


SIWSC FT 19 002

SIWSC FT 19 003

SIWSC FT 19 004

SIWSC FT 19 005