Club No 2056

Results of the

Southern Any Variety Retriever Gundog Working Test

Run under K.C. Rules & Regulations

sponsored by Skinners Dog Food

Held on Sunday 5th October 2014


Orchard Farm, Woolborough Lane, Outwood, Surrey, RH1 5QR

By kind permission of

Mr & Mrs Smith


Mr T. Casserley (A19), Mr C. Marshall (NP3232), Mrs M. Burr (NP), Mr P. Burr (NP2833) Mr N. Varney (NP)

The day was run as a tribute and memorial to Arnold Hempstead who sadly passed away on the 19th September 2014


1st Flazenfox Lady Penelope Lab (B)  :   Handled by Sue Elliss
2nd Flazenfox Frosty McNab Lab (D)  :  Handled by Sue Elliss
3rd Flazenfox Fiddle O'Diddle Lab (D)  :  Handled by Sue Elliss
4th Nevillemay's Dolly Drop Lab (B)  :  Handled by Wendy Neville
COM Tideflight Blaze Lab (B)  :  Handled by Jo Izard
COM Jasueter Vanessa of Ashlevel Lab (B)  :  Handled by Keith Bianchi
COM Possingworth Kamea FCR (B)  :  Handled by Liz Beeney
1st Redamin Go Lab (D)  :  Handled by Jacqui Crew
2nd Ranwolf Arvak Lab (B)  :  Handled by Mr T Souter
3rd Fetchacur Lamsey Lab (B)  :  Handled by Della Kimmins
COM Riverlily Angel of Sunshine Lab (B)  :  Handled by Mrs A Crawley
1st Brockweir Pipit Lab (B)  :  Handled by Inger Alexanderson
2nd Tygwyn Tawney Porthos FCR (D)  :  Handled by Lynne Mastroianni
3rd Burntcoombe Buffy Lab (B)  :  Handled by Fiona Milne
COM Echobrook Dexster GR (D)  :  Handled by Jacqui Crew
COM Largymore MacCallan GR (D)  :  Handled by Sue Jackson
COM Almshoebury Persuasion of Riverlily Lab (B)  :  Handled by Mrs Crawley

JUDGES CHOICE for the Arnold Hempstead Memorial Trophy

Burntcoombe Buffy  :  Handled by Fiona Milne

The Danny Boy Bronze Trophy for the highest placed Novice IWS was awarded to

Goldenacre Sea Rider at Cuvana  :  Handled by Judy Hempstead.