The scenting conditions on the day at Chillington were extremely challenging and dispite valliant efforts by all the dogs and handlers, no places were awarded.

The Guns Choice Award went to:

Artistryn Ufin handled by Mr R Colver

AV FT Dec 14

The reunning card was as follows:

Mrs L Partridge (A2334)
Mr D Capel (A1843)
Ms W Tombs (NP)
Mr N Varney (NP)

Steward of the beat  - Mr G Powell

Chief Steward - Mrs Tina Male


1. Emmanygan Whistler of Avonford 4294CY lab (D) 23/4/12 (S) Blackthorn Ilmarinen of Drakeshead (D) Emmanygan Pippit . Breeder Mr W Skett Owner & Handler Mrs C E Winfield.

2. Skeviot Starlight AL01933003 Lab (D) 08/05/10 (S) FTCH Tasco Monk Of Mansengreen (D) Rimrock Magpie of Automnwillow Breeder Mr S R Hagain Owner & Handler Ms Caroline Jenkins

3. Stauntonvales Money Penny AQ00808002 Lab (B) 13/2/13 Breeder Mrs L Hill (S) FTCH Mediterian Blue (D) FTCH Jobeshill Lotta of Stauntonvale Owner Mrs Sue Hutton Handler Mr Chris Hutton.

4. Rocky Lane 4596CX lab (D) 19/4/10 (S) Momt Pelier Lad (D) Ropehall Gold of Pymhill Breeder Debbie Smith-Hianes Owner &Handler Robert Fisher

5. Fallowpark HollyHock AL02309108 Lab (B) 08/06/10 (S) FTCH Dipplelodge Raven Of Riversway (D) Fallowpark Dixie Breeder Mrs A & Mr D Lovatt Owner & Handler Miss Rachel Dawson.

6. Bedgebrook Umber AP01330902 Lab (B) 28/3/12 (S) Fernflight Red Rum of Bedgebrook (D) Bedgebrook Mole Breeder Mrs G Nickols Owner & Handler Miss Helen Swan

7. Maddistream Indigo Jack at Casbladd 4495CW Flatcoat Retreiver (D) 6/4/09 (S) Vortex Tornado At Misticmaker (D) rainbow Queen of Maddistream Breeder Mrs G Awty Owner Mr & Mrs C Hewison. Handler Caroline Hewison

8. Leawyn Landsdown AM04162602 Lab (D) 05/10/11 (S) FTCH Garronpoint Rye of Lincswolds (D) Leawyn Lalina Breeder Mr J A Yates Owner & Handler Mrs Suzanne Bailye

9. Kirkmarsh Delight for Hiberna AL02079606 IWS (B) 16/05/10 (S) Kirkmarsh Mr Doyle of Hiberna (D) Bayrakkis Parlemo at Kirkmarsh (IMP SWE) breeder Mr M D & Mrs D M Hurst Owner Mr I D Mrs P M Probert Handler Mr I D Probert

10. Artistryn Ulrich AQ3199205 Lab (D) 13/03/13 (S) Cyhinfa John (D) FTW Artistryn Quail Breeder D R Field Owner & Handler David Field

11. Artistryn Ufin AQ01005405 Lab (D) 13/3/13 (S) Cynhinfa John (D) Artistryn Quail Breeder D R Field Owner & Handler R Colver

12. Cocobee Diamond AL01633601 Lab (B) 03/03/10 (S) Twixwood Shooting Star of Fernshot (D) Sanicliffe Brook of Cocobee Breeder Belinda Budden Owner & Handler Claire Buddin