Club No 2056

Any Variety Retriever Novice Stakes for 12 Dogs

Run under K.C. Limited Rules & Regulations (J)

sponsored by Skinners Dog Food

Thursday 5th January 2017


Chillington Hall, Brewood, Staffordshire, WV8 1RE

By kind permission of

Mr J.Giffard

Beat Steward : Mr J. Powell   Chief Steward  :  Mrs Wendy Perera


Ms L. Partridge (A2334) Mr D. Capel (A1843) Ms A. Hogsbjerg (B2837) Mr N. Varney (NP)

FT 2017 win-001

1st Pherlotte Constellation, Sally Morewood (Lab D)


FT 2017 win-002

 2nd Artistryn Usain, Roger Clover (Lab D)


FT 2017 win-003

COM and Guns Choice Skye of Ebony, Judith Curtis (Lab B)

A gallery of pictures from the event han be seen HERE


The Full Card


Minstead Rocksavage of Bearbrace; AQ00589403; Lab; D; 12/02/2013; Breeder:  I White;

FtCh. Blackfoot Scout of Minsted x Labdom Lane of Minstead; O/H David Brown


Pherlotte Constellation; AS01237705; Lab; B; 27/03/2015; Breeder: Owner;

FtCh. Waterford Ganton x Diglake Breeze of Pherlotte; O/H Sally Morewood


Wildcopse Maze; AR00052503; Lab; B; 28/11/2013; Breeder:  S Roberts;

Dolesfarm Skye of Scovellsway x Endacott Puzzle of Wildcopse; O/H Steve Tanner


Turpingreen Acuna of Corsemalzie; AR01841702; Lab; B; 02/05/2013; Breeder:  K Butler;

FtCh. Eastdale Harry x Gablegorst Shuffler of Turpingreen; O D & C Probert; H Carol Probert


Amancio Tirpitz of Flypatch; AS02158303; Lab; D; 01/06/2015; Breeder: P Down;

Flypatch Alfa x Amancio Swift; O/H Tim Brain


Flashmount Ebony; AS00138108; Lab; B; 11/01/2015; Breeder:  D Capel;

Stautonvale's Mr Grey x Flashmount Wren; O/H Alan Penney


Gopsallview Herald of Flypatch; AS01159109; Lab; D; 24/03/2015; Breeder: 

R Dawson; FtCh. Flypatch Alfa x Fallowpark Hollyhock; O/H Tim Brain


Artistryn Usain; AQ01005406; Lab; D; 13/03/2013; Breeder:  D Field;

Cynhinfa John x Artistryn Quail; O/H Roger Colver


Fynder Bunty Lawless; AR01997209; IWS; B; 30/05/2014; Breeder:  Owner;

Greensocks Flying Dutchman x Realta Star Fynder; O/H Pepi Barrington


Garrethall Riana; AQ00789601; Lab; B; 19/02/2013; Breeder:  L Ingram;

FtCh Brindlebay Butler x Garrethall Oyster; O/H Alan Penney


Mitforton Outlaw; AS01642801; Lab; D; 16/04/2015; Breeder:  L Robertson;

FtCh. Gosberry Governor x Bedgebrook Scrumptious; O/H John Yarwood


Skye of Ebony; AQ01566302; Lab; B; 08/04/2013; Breeder:  M Edwards;

Jobeshill Valfrid of Avonford x Heatherburn Bracken; Owner:  J Bettinson; H Judith Curtis