The Results of the Breed Confined Working Test/Assessment

Held at The Pheasantry on the 11th August 2018


6 -12  mths

1st John Bint Diddymowg Christmas Cracker 

2nd Judy Hempstead Diddymowg Sweet Gingerbread @ Cuvana 


12-18 mths

1st John Rolfe Turnervale Flynn


18-24 mths

COM Mick McDonagh Cuboglach Rustic Sphinx 


Special beginner 

1st Oscar Tarbox Riverforest Irish Eider @ Cuvana 

2nd Leo Hewitt Fynder Here Comes Trouble 



1st Sue Hempstead Diddymowg Purple Storm @ Cuvana 

2nd John Bint Turnervale Connal 



1st Wendy Perera Fendrake’s Island Prince of Brighstone 

2nd Judy Hempstead Goldenacre sea rider @ Cuvana ..who also won the Staftly  water trophy 


Full card was as follows


6-12 mths

Diddymowg Christmas Cracker, John Bint

Diddymowg Sweet Cingerbread @Cuvana, Sue Hempstead


12-18 mths

Turnervale Flynn, John Rolfe


18-24 mths

Bakarne of the Hill, Mike Troy

Cuboglach Rustic Sphinx, Mike Mcdonagh


Special Beginner

Stangate Burnt Biscuit @ Foulby, Debbie Robinson

Gully Town the Sorcerer, Mark Skelding

Riverforest Irish Eider @ Cuvana, Oscar Tarbox

Cuboglach Rustic Sphinx, Mike Mcdonagh

Fynder Here Comes Trouble, Leo Hewett



Riverforest Irish Eider @ Cuvana, Judy Hempstead

Diddymowg Turquoise Storm @ Cuvana, Sue Hempstead

Nyllaup Star Anise @ Cuvana, Sue Hempstead

Fendrake’s True Grit, Mike Troy

Turnervale Connal, John Bint

Cigors Cabhan, John Bint



Fendrake’s Island Prince of Brighstone, Wendy Perera

Goldenacre Sea Rider @ Cuvana, Judy Hempstead

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